About Heritage Pianos

vancouver pianosHERITAGE PIANOS was founded 30 years ago by 'Norbert', longtime contributor on Piano World. With very high profile in the industry.

Visitors quickly learn that H.P. is a very different store from all others. Here you will enjoy a pressure free environment offering you quality & choices not easily found anywhere else.

STEINBERG & ESTONIA  are our picks within the premium class of  "Performance-Grade- Pianos" Trying one of those is guaranteed to exceed anybody's expectations.

RITMULLER & BRODMANN offer amazing sound & value within "Consumer-Grade Pianos". Designed by legends such as German Lothar Thomma, these pianos provide a profound musical experience where others offer simply "entry level".

For serious piano shoppers -  worth the trip!

Norbert's commitment  on PIANO WORLD gives testimony to his passion and love for the industry. As owner, his dedicated, honest & knowledgeable way of dealing with customers sets him apart from most others. Be very warmly welcomed!

Appointments invited: 604-951-8642