Our Pianos

ESTONIA, BRODMAN & RITMULLER are our three hand-picked makes for highest possible quality at their respective price point. Norbert has used a lifetime of experience cherry-picking these exceptional pianos for you.


Our choices will exceed your expectations at every level. You will be pleasantry surprised and guarantee you have never seen pianos at such high level of quality.

ESTONIA being rated by Piano Buyer in same tier as Steinway has become a no-brainer on market. Hand-crafted in only small, limited numbers, these pianos are often sold ahead of time & could need some waiting time. Often considered being the industry's best kept secret & always in high demand.

RITMUELLER and BRODMANN offer astounding sound & value at much lower price point. These pianos compare very favorably to others costing often twice or more.

By far the best choice for those with high demands but lower budgets.


Visiting us is not a waste of your time. Here we will show you the absolute finest quality you will be able to get for your money. I personally guarantee this to you.